Comment from a customer during a live demonstration on their test dataset -
"Do you realise that XXX here has just spent 6 months doing what you have just done in less than 2 minutes !"


A client wanted a corporate list of companies implemented in all of their OpenWorks projects. They had had XXX inhouse for months working on this task. The client challenges us to demonstrate what RoQC Tools could do.
It took one hour to build the corporate list and distribute it to ALL of their OpenWorks projects, and less than a day to identify all of the non-compliant data and fix it. The process also updated their corporate standard with company names that were identified as missing from their standard.


A client challenged us to find any incorrect interpretations in their (v. large) database - that they felt was clean... When we did this while he was talking, and included the interpreters name, when they were saved, the values, etc, his only comment was...
"holy s¤¤t".


An asset manager in a multinational requested that our onsite staff only come in one day a week because ...
"we just can't make decisions as fast as he(with RoQC Tools) can implement all the changes!".

A regional office of a multinational requested a change in platform from Geoframe to OpenWorks because the Head of Data Management felt that...
"without RoQC Tools his department was providing a sub standard service to the G&G staff".


A senior petrophysicist discussing with his staff..
"How do we explain to management that we have two options - we can dedicate a petrophysicist to fixing the log units, for two and a half years (which in reality means that it will never get done) or we can buy RoQC Tools and fix all 69,000 problem logs in less than 2 minutes . . . . - without making ourselves redundant?"


A quote from an email from a client that was cleaning up their CRS's.
"OMG! I had no idea that you could change the project CRS as easily as that! CRS DM is a seriously powerful and must have tool!"


A comment from an experienced user, working with very large data sets, during an in-house video conference.
"I can no longer conceive of trying to do my job without RoQC Tools - if [my employer] tried to take them away I'd resign"


A comment from a competitor
"Keep in mind that XXX was built on MS Access platform - old and very clunky, not to mention how buggy it is. Moreover, XXX is very, very slow. In some ways and scenarios all tools complement one another, but with regards to how lightweight, quick, fast and extremely powerful RoQC tools are one would not find its rivals."


A quote from a 'thank you' email after a course
"I want to thank you again for the course. I am realizing I will be using ROQC  for a couple of things besides cleaning data. Is amazing what it can do."


A quote from a 'thank you' email
"Much better. As usual I appreciate the timely helpful response."


A quote from a 'thank you' email
"Jeg er så glad for at RoQC lager tools til Petrel nå. De er kjempebra og gjør hverdagen min så mye lettere."


A quote from a 'thank you' email
" It’s a pleasure working with you all. I very much appreciate the support and quick resolution to problems once you have access to the data. Working with professional, competent people behind me makes my job so much easier! ."


A quote from a 'thank you' email
"I’ve got RoQC up on my monitor, have I thanked you lately for that? I’m becoming dependent on it."  

A quote from a 'thank you' email
"We just shipped our OW data for migration and RoQC really made the data clean-up very easy. A big thank you from Oman to all of you at RoQC for developing this really awesome set of tools, which is literally a Swiss-army knife for Data Managers like us. It has saved us so many hours of manual work, and has really helped a lot in meeting the timeline for getting the data cleaned-up and shipped.

Apart from the OW specific tools, I continue using the Fix Columns, Coordinate Calculator and Map view applications in my daily work. They have simplified so many of my tasks. I would not hesitate to recommend RoQC to data managers everywhere.
I have never had so much fun in learning about a tool as I had during the training with you. Not only did I learn about RoQC, but got a much greater insight of how OW stores and manages the data.


A quote from a 'thank you' email
"I love it!! Fantastic tool!!

I am going to [Head Office] tomorrow, and I will try to have a session to show what we are doing and the fantastic tool we have to fix our data…

Just love it!!!


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