Equinor SUB EXD department in collaboration with RoQC


Data-Management on Subsurface data in Equinor is continuously searching for improvements and adjustments to their Data Management portfolio of software.

For 2022, the SUB EXD department is, in collaboration with RoQC, establishing a concept on how "golden data" and the working data, only, located in Equinor 's on-prem databases, is being prepared for a Lift and Shift. The concept comes as a document with active links, containing check-lists and detailed How-To-Do work-processes, including RoQC data management tools.

RoQC Data Management provides both advisory services and the Software Suite for enabling Subsurface Data Quality Metrics, Analytics, Data Correction (clean-up), Consolidation and Data Integration.

This will be piloted in close collaboration with Equinor ’s Subsurface DM team and Subsurface users.

James Elgenes

Manager Subsurface EXD Data & Information