How we can be of assistance

Advisors - Consultants

We bring practical experience, strong domain knowledge and best practice workflows and frameworks to help solve business critical issues concerning Subsurface Data Management.


We utillize our 4 stage approach as a basis in all client engagements. It consists of elements from Data Mining and Analytics, Task Planning, Work Execution and Subsurface Data Environment Monitoring.

Unique toolbox

We are experts in using RoQC Tools plug-ins and applications. With the right skills and powerful tools we will get the job done. 

The Challenge of

Subsurface Data Management

Only when data is current, complete, comprehensive, of high quality, and pervasive will any company be able to realize the full value of information certainty to protect capital, preserve business value and be ahead of the competition. Basing decisions on poor quality, incomplete or outdated information gives less precision, causes uncertainty and delays in the decision-making process, and lowers confidence.

- Bjørn Thorsen